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"Through painting, I introduce myself, show who I am and how I think. I paint for pleasure, only what touches me, so I don't worry about following a certain artistic current."


About the Artist

With engineering I gained meticulous design and care in the use of materials. The methodology to start painting, I learned from books. "

ADALSINO VALENTIM was born in Porto, Portugal, on September 3, 1951. Son of farmers, he came with his parents and his two brothers to Brazil, three years later.

He went to live in a house on Travessa Santa Martinha, in the neighborhood of Abolição, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro.

Since childhood he always liked poetry and drawing, using both languages to tell and portray the street games and misfortunes of the neighborhood where he lived.

As a teenager he studied engineering, as it was supposed that as an engineer he would have a promising future. This decision held back his dream of becoming an artist for a long time.

In September 1992 his vocation definitely emerged when his older brother gave him painting material as a gift. From then on, the engineer, painter and poet began to produce canvases with birds, children and everything else he brought since he was a kid and which, until today, serve as a theme for his works.

He currently lives in Rio de Janeiro, is married to Ana Maria and has a couple of children, Ana Luisa and Daniel, his tireless supporters.

As he says, his works, of rigorous design and naive colors, are aimed at the unpretentious and simple observer, similar to the characters who inhabited his childhood and who, with him, lived on the sidewalks and ghettos of that old region lost in the suburb of Rio.



"I know that the care taken in preparing a painting does not guarantee its quality as a work of art. Even so, I strive to obtain, in the creation stage, a favorable condition to ensure greater durability for my works."

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